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greyhound painting

Greyhound Painting

Greyhound Painting ‘Ace’ This painting of a Greyhound Ace was commissioned by Melissa as a gift for her husband. “Ace is a rescue greyhound, who is very laid back, unless it is time for a walk” – describes Melissa. It is quite common with Greyhounds to be so chilled. In spite of being such fast

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Black Labrador retriever commission portrait uk

Custom Pet Portrait of a Black Labrador ‘Mia’

This custom pet portrait of a beautiful Black Labrador was commissioned by Courtney as a Christmas gift for her mum and dad. The main challenge for me was to create a dog’s portrait with the ears up. If you look at the photo and the painting you can see the difference in the position of

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custom cat portraits

‘Toby’ – Cat Portrait Painting

Cat Portrait Painting   It is an absolute pleasure to create pet portraits for my customers. And, how incredibly lucky we are to have our pets by our side.   Cats are amazing and very clever pets which give us so much love and affection. A Cat Portrait Painting is a great gift idea for

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labrador retriever custom portrait

Hand Painted Portrait From Photo – ‘Midnite and Bo’

This hand painted portrait from photos flew to the USA just before Christmas. Machelle commissioned the portrait of her two Labrador retrievers as a Christmas present for her husband. I had to use different photos to create this custom pet painting. It was quite challenging because one of the dogs – ‘Midnite’ passed away some

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custom cat portrait

Custom Cat Portrait – ‘Lucy’

This is a custom cat portrait of Lucy and it was commissioned by Pauline and John as a present for their Daughter. When their daughter was very ill Lucy was her constant companion, and helped pull her through. To create a custom cat portrait I would need some photos of the cat, ideally a few

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pastel pet portraits

Pastel Pet Portraits – ‘Ruby & Rosie’

Meet two beautiful Cocker Spaniels ?❤? – Ruby & Rosie. Aren’t they absolutely lovely! This pastel pet portrait was created as a birthday gift and was accepted with delight and happiness! Thank you so much for the wonderful pastel picture of my dogs Rosie and Ruby. It’s amazing. You are extremely talented. Thank you. Sue White

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