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Commission a dog portrait uk

Springer Spaniel Portraits

The English Springer Spaniel is a very popular breed around the UK. I had the pleasure of painting few portraits of Springer Spaniels during my career as a professional pet artist. What’s not to love about these amazing dogs! They are : – Affectionate – Bad day at work? The English Springer will snuggle up to you

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This portrait of horse “Spider” was commissioned by Yasmin for her mum. Sadly, Spider passed away recently. It was her mum’s horse and Yasmin wanted to commission the painting to keep the memory of their wonderful horse. The commission came from Northern Ireland. Her first words when she received the picture by email for approval

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Portrait of beautiful German shepherd Mika was commissioned by Shannon through Etsy.Sadly, she passed away recently and Shannon wanted to commission the portrait of Mika to keep the beautiful memory of her very special dog. “I have received the painting, I have only just had a chance to look at it and it is amazing!

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Harry commissioned the portrait of their lovely dog Kai for his fiancée for Christmas.To create the painting of Kai I was using mainly two photos (combining them together).Harry’s words after he saw the finished painting were: Wow!!! That is beautiful, very happy with that thank you so much. So spot on with her little face.

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Fisher 400 Pastel Paper - German Shepherds

Fisher 400 Pastel Paper – A Review

If you would ask me –“what paper should I use to create my artwork?” – I would answer without any hesitation “Fisher 400 Pastel Paper”. I know it may sound like I am trying to promote the Fisher 400 Pastel Paper but this is absolutely genuine advice! And it doesn’t matter whether you are just

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Siberian cat pastel portrait painting uk

Let’s Talk About Cats

Recently I have decided to work on creating more cat portraits for my collection and I will also release these as prints. My decision is based on my experience at my new part time job at the lovely local gift shop “Candle Tree” where I sell some of my prints. One of the most popular

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