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I do list a price guide on the home page and on my dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits pages. It is however a guide and there are a range of factors that determine the final quote. These include:

  • Whether the pet portrait is a head study or full body portrait. 
  • Whether the pet portrait is of one subject or more than one subject. 
  • How simple or complex the background is. 
  • Whether you want the pet portrait supplied unframed or framed.

You can request an accurate quote by clicking here to commission a portrait, however, below you can see the price guide for the most common portraits:


  1. 25 x 35 cm (A4+) – £260.00 (additional pet – £65.00)
  2. 35 x 50 cm (A3+) – £295.00 (additional pet -£85.00)
  3. 50 x 70 cm (A2+) – £365.00 (additional pet £95.00)


  1. 25 x 35 cm (A4+) – £310.00 (available only for 1 pet)
  2. 35 x 50 cm (A3+) – £345.00 (additional pet – £85.00)
  3. 50 x 70 cm (A2+) – £455.00 (additional pet – £95.00)

CREATIVE BACKGROUND – If you would like to commission a composition with a creative background, such as seaside, meadow, woodland, etc., an additional £40.00 may be charged.

I require a deposit to start a pet portrait. I email an image of the finished portrait and there is no obligation to buy until you are happy with it. Once you are happy the balance is payable (cash, cheque, credit/debit card or Paypal) and the finished pet portrait can then be collected or posted to you by special delivery. 

yes please, deposit is 30%

When the portrait is completed I would email a photo of it to the customer for approval. Only if the customer is 100% satisfied will I send an invoice for the rest of the payment. I work very hard to meet my customer’s expectations and if there are any details that have to be adjusted I am happy to do so.

The better the photograph – the better it is for me. I am trying my best to creat portraits that are very detailed, so the more details I can see on the photo the better painting I can create. Please send the pictures in their original size. The more pictures of the pet you can send the better for me. It happens a lot when I have to use a few pictures of the same pet to create one portrait.

It is always great to meet the pet before I start the portrait. If there is a chance to do so I would be delighted to meet in person. It always helps when I am painting the portrait. On the other hand, a lot of time portraits are commissioned from quite a long way away and I don’t have a chance to meet the pet. But a few different pictures are always a great help and work perfectly.

Yes, certainly. Not only this, I also can change a position if it will look better on the portrait. I am always happy to be creative and add some more to the painting or, if you wish to remove something, it usually is not a problem. All the changes are discussed in detail before I start the painting. A little bit extra charge may apply, depending on the complexity of the request.

Yes, absolutely. If the background is quite complicated then some extra charge will apply.

Yes, I certainly can! I know that it is not easy to make our lovely pets sit still and look at the camera. I am happy to work with a selection of photographs you have got and try to find the best way to position pets on the painting.

There is no other technology involved, I paint the portrait in a very traditional way, no tracing, no computer. Everything is made by hand.

I use the best quality soft and hard pastels, pastel pencils and coloured pencils. The paper I am using is called Clairefontaine Pastelmat. Occasionally I am using paper – Fisher 400 (please read about this fantastic paper in my blog) At the final stage I use special fixative for pastel artwork.

From 10 days to 4 weeks, depending on how busy I am. If you would like the painting for a special date, please let me know.

Yes, I am happy to make high quality prints of the portraits. Please check the prices and sizes available.

I tend to frame all the paintings by myself so that when it arrives at your home it is ready to go straight on the wall. Simple design frames (made in the UK) are free and available in different colours. 

I usually use Parcel Force or Royal Mail next day special delivery. So far everything has been delivered safely. All the paintings are wrapped very carefully and thoroughly.


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