Pastel Pet Portraits – ‘Ruby & Rosie’

pastel pet portraits

Meet two beautiful Cocker Spaniels ?❤? – Ruby & Rosie. Aren’t they absolutely lovely! This pastel pet portrait was created as a birthday gift and was accepted with delight and happiness!

Thank you so much for the wonderful pastel picture of my dogs Rosie and Ruby. It’s amazing. You are extremely talented. Thank you.

Sue White

Pastel pet portraits are totally unique and great gift ideas! I work closely with my customers and make sure I am taking into consideration all their wishes about the future pet portrait.

Pastel is a great medium to create a pet portrait because of its softness and ability to blend gently. It is my favourite art medium to work with and that’s why I specialize in pastel pet portraits.

While creating this portrait I have recorded a pet portrait video tutorial for anyone who would want to learn more about pastel pet portraits and pastel techniques.

pastel pet portraits

If you would like to see more pastel pet portraits with Cocker Spaniels, please check out the links below:

Or simply visit my PASTEL PET PORTRAIT GALLERY to see more of my artworks

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