Prices for Pastel Pet Portraits on Pastel Mat

Welcome to my pricing page for pastel pet portraits. I take immense pride in creating exquisite pet portraits using only the finest quality art materials, ensuring that every artwork captures the true essence and softness of your beloved pet’s fur.

Multiple Pets and Creative Background Options

If you’re interested in commissioning portraits of two or more of your beloved pets, please note that the price will vary accordingly. Typically, adding an additional pet to your portrait will incur a fee ranging from £85.00 to £95.00, ensuring each pet is beautifully captured in your artwork. For those seeking the charm of a multi-pet portrait with three or more pets, I’m pleased to offer a special discount as a token of my appreciation.

For those looking to enhance their pet portrait with a creative background such as a tranquil woodland scene or a picturesque seaside setting, the pricing may be subject to adjustment based on the complexity of your chosen background. This adjustment can be up to £45.00, ensuring that your unique vision comes to life in your artwork.

To obtain the exact pricing for your personalized pet portrait, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m more than happy to provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your specific preferences.

To secure your commission, I kindly request a 30% deposit. This deposit can be conveniently made via bank transfer or card payment, either through an online invoice or over the phone. It serves as a commitment to your project and helps ensure the smooth creation of your cherished pet portrait.