Custom Pet Portrait of a Black Labrador ‘Mia’

Black Labrador retriever commission portrait uk

This custom pet portrait of a beautiful Black Labrador was commissioned by Courtney as a Christmas gift for her mum and dad. The main challenge for me was to create a dog’s portrait with the ears up. If you look at the photo and the painting you can see the difference in the position of the ears.

Courtney sent me a few good images of her beloved dog but still it wasn’t easy to get the one she wanted. Sometimes it is a very hard job to take the right picture of your pet. They almost know that we are about to take a shot and change the pose to the wrong one 🙂

That’s why a custom pet portrait is a great and unique gift idea. I am always happy to make adjustments to the pet portrait painting. As long as I can see a few different photos of your lovely pet I can create the composition you wish.

After looking through the photos I agreed that I could do Mia’s ears the way Courtney would like them to be. And it did work well.

Cortney and her family loved the custom pet portrait of their gorgeous Black Labrador Mia and it takes pride of place in their home.

I have created a short video showing the steps of creating Mia’s portrait which may be interesting for you to watch.

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