Hand Painted Portrait From Photo – ‘Midnite and Bo’

labrador retriever custom portrait

This hand painted portrait from photos flew to the USA just before Christmas. Machelle commissioned the portrait of her two Labrador retrievers as a Christmas present for her husband.

I had to use different photos to create this custom pet painting. It was quite challenging because one of the dogs – ‘Midnite’ passed away some time ago and his photos were quite blurry and I couldn’t see the details clearly. Machelle wanted me to create a composition where both of her dogs were together and I was up for it!

It is my greatest pleasure to be able to create unique hand painted portraits for my customers, where I can create the composition you would like to see.

I received a very beautiful and kind email from her when the portrait has arrived:

“The portrait parcel arrived today and I am blown away by it!  It’s so beautiful.  I just finished carefully opening everything and my hands are literally shaking with joy! I’m thrilled as I know my husband will be overwhelmed when he sees it.  I just hope I can keep it a secret until Christmas-I want to show everyone! The care and details of your gorgeous work (and packaging!) left me speechless.  And the extras you included: the thoughtful thank you note, certificate of authenticity, excellent card art and the safe return of the original photos really speak to your generosity and professionalism. It has been my pleasure to do business with you, Irina.”

Midnite was a 15-year-old Black Lab/Shephard mix and was very independent, fearless with competitors, loyal, and protective and gentle with children. He was very disciplined and agreeable to all ages. Bo is pure Black Lab, playful, extremely intelligent, alert, physically fit, & agile and often childlike & inquisitive. He loves attention. 

To see more hand painted portraits from photos please visit my gallery

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