Custom Cat Portraits

Looking for a commissioned, hand painted, personalised cat portrait painting? My custom cat portraits are available in a range of sizes, supplied unframed or framed.
I can work with digital or printed photos. It is ideal if you have great photo/s. But in case you don’t have a great quality pictures I would be happy to go through all the available images of your cat and see what I can do.
Custom cat portraits make a wonderful, unique gift to someone special. I would love the opportunity to create a cat portrait painting that will be cherished. 
custom cat portraits

Cat Portrait Painting created from photos

People love their cats and it’s easy to see why. Cats can have such a big personality and they become a very important part of our lives. It’s only natural that cat owners often want a cat portrait painting that will highlight its personality for eternity.
I absolutely love painting felines, what beautiful creatures they are! I only use the best art materials to create commissioned portraits. I work with different types of pastels and usually use Pastelmat or special pastel paper Fisher 400. 
If you would like a portrait of two or more cats (or other pets) together it also can be done. I do not expect you to provide me with the image of your cats sitting nicely next to each other and posing for the picture :). This mission is impossible! But a selection of pictures for each cat will do it. Together with you we will choose the right images and I will create custom portrait of all your cats/animals in one painting.
I am happy to go through all the available photos of your cat and see if  there is a chance to create a special, bespoke piece of art.

For more examples of my cat art drawings and paintings please see my Gallery or visit my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

My Own Little Model For
A Custom Cat Portrait Painting

I love all the animals but my recent new member of the family certainly made me a ‘A Cat Lady’. His name is Bell and I absolutely adore him, it is amazing how clever and loving cats are.

It is my true pleasure to paint these gorgeous feline creatures. I think cat art drawings were a very popular topic for a long time. We love the combination of beautiful and soft natured pets with these wild feline animal features. And how could anyone not love their amazing, magical eyes.
cute kitten picture
custom cat portrait

Book your Cat Portrait Painting Now!

If you are thinking about a custom cat drawing commission - simply complete the form below and click send. I will reply promptly. There is no payment involved in this stage, we can discuss your ideas about portraits and I may be able to help you with your decision about your painting. It is not something that we do everyday and there are lots of questions that can appear while thinking about commissioning a custom cat art. But my aim is to help you with every step and provide you with a custom painting of your cat/s that you will love.


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