Custom Dog Portraits

custom dog portrait

It has become quite popular in recent years to commission a dog portrait. The majority of my custom dog portraits are created with professional pastels and most of the time delivered to my customers professionally framed and ready to go on the wall. 

My dog paintings are available in a range of sizes, supplied either framed or unframed. I create portraits from photos that clients supply. The photos can be in digital form or real prints, whatever works best for you.

Whatever the breed, a custom dog portrait makes for a wonderful gift for your family and friends.

I also offer Gift Vouchers for those who want the pet owner to have the final decision on the pose or portrait size.

dog portrait painting

Hand Painted Dog Portraits

From my studio, I create pet portraits in pastel for customers all over the UK and overseas. Most of my customers want a classic-style portrait of their dog. Classic style, fine-art pet portrait paintings are very popular.

Custom dog art created from photos and  It would be my ideal if you could provide a great quality photo/s that highlights their dog’s personality the best. The better I can see the details on the photo, the more detailed and true-to-life portrait I can create. But it is not always the case. Sometimes the photos are not good enough and unfortunately, no more can be taken. There are many reasons for this.  A lot of time it happens when it is a commission of a memorial dog portrait. 

german shepherd portrait

I am always happy to look through all the photos which are available and sometimes will work with what I have. With the help of my customers and by collecting ideas from their photos I will do my best to create a unique custom portrait painting.

Besides classic style dog portraits I also sometimes get requests to produce custom dog art that contains humour. This would normally involve adding accessories like hats or clothing. Such dog portraits can often tell a story or give the dog or dogs a human personality. If you have something specific in mind feel free to contact me and I will let you know if I’m able to help.  

Or maybe you would like your lovely dog to be placed on a special background? Sure, why not, I am always up for a challenge, whether it is a meadow, seaside or just a soft, cosy blanket… I certainly can do this for you.

custom dog art

If you would like to commission a multiple pet portrait I would not expect you to provide me with a photo where all your pets are sitting nicely next to each other. Working with the multiple pet portraits I usually would collect as many images as I can, so I can create the right composition and then will combine them in one painting. Prior to starting painting I would do a Photoshop mock-up image with selected photos. So my customer could see where the pets are positioned, if any adjustments are needed I will work on it more and only when my customer is happy with the idea on the Photoshop image I will start working on the pet painting.

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