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Cat Portrait Painting


It is an absolute pleasure to create pet portraits for my customers. And, how incredibly lucky we are to have our pets by our side.


Cats are amazing and very clever pets which give us so much love and affection. A Cat Portrait Painting is a great gift idea for people who adore their lovely feline friends.

This particular cat portrait of the lovely Toby was commissioned as a memorial pet portrait to keep his sweet memories in the hearts of all of his family.

He was really a very special cat!

I think this letter says everything ❤?❤

“Toby’s  portrait has just arrived. It was a present for my husband and I for Christmas from Meg and Grace, our daughters. I had to write and thank you for such a wonderful work of art. It is like having Toby back in our lounge with us. Toby was our beloved cat for eleven years. I didn’t want a cat, but I took the girls when they were much younger to the RSPCA to have a look and they fell in love with Toby. When we got home, the girls disappeared and I began cooking dinner, only to turn round and find the girls had printed Toby’s photograph off the RSPCA website and stuck it on our fridge with the caption ‘Toby our new cat’. From then on, they persuaded dad to go and have a look at him and persuaded me that we needed a cat in our lives. As it was the summer holidays, we had a holiday booked and therefore had to go, but the girls made us phone the RSPCA everyday to ensure no one had reserved Toby and at the end of the week, we went and collected him. From the moment he arrived in our house, we loved him. He was a wonderful companion to us all, he let Meg play with him as though he was a toy, putting a pink bonnet on him and wheeling him around outside in the doll’s pram! If the girls were ill, he would sit with them and follow them around to make sure they were alright, even trying to follow Grace to the Doctor’s Surgery one day! When the girls got older and boys came to call, if they took the girls for a walk, Toby went too, uninvited, just to make sure the loves of his life were safe! He spoke to us all the time, loved to be loved and was the most wonderful pet I could ever imagine having. Toby became ill a few years ago and we did all we could to ensure he was helped with medication, but unfortunately we lost Toby in November and we are all still devastated. Like I said at the beginning, your portrait has brought him back to life for us and for that, we are very grateful. Thank you for all your hard work. What a wonderful talent to have. We will certainly be recommending you to family and friends. Very best wishes.”

Gill Finney

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