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labradoodle portrait

On this page, you can fill in the questionnaire to commission a pet portrait.

It is pretty much straightforward and there is no payment involved at this stage.

Pet portraits are a great way to remember our pets who are very much part of the family. They also make a wonderful gift for your family members and friends. Many of my pet portraits are given as Christmas gifts or for Birthdays.

I appreciate that commissioning a pet portrait sometimes could trigger a few questions and I will be getting in touch as soon as you complete the form, so we can discuss everything in detail.

 All of my pet portraits are produced using soft and hard pastels, as well as coloured pencils. Pastel is an excellent medium which I feel has a number of benefits. With pastels, you can achieve a wonderfully luscious, velvety texture that is perfect for showing the softness and highlights of a pet’s fur. If a pastel painting is looked after correctly it will last a very long time without losing its vibrancy.

Every pet is special to its owners, and I love to capture the unique personality of each and every animal to create something wonderful that you can treasure.

Flexible Payment Methods Are Available Now!
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To commission custom pet portrait, please complete the questionnaire


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