Raven George

Raven pastel painting uk

The nature around us is wonderful and we are incredibly lucky to have this world full of different animals and birds. When we are loving and kind to this wonderful world it will always respond the same back to us. 

I had a very unusual commission recently. A painting of a raven named George. The lady who commissioned the portrait – Laura was very kind to share a bit of a story about how she met George and how they became friends.

She works at a dog boarding kennel and she used to throw the old dog food to the foxes. On one of these days a giant crow appeared and Laura thought that he looked really cool, soon after another giant crow has joined him. They were a breeding pair.

Laura started to come back more and more to bring them food. The birds would sit on the tree and wait for Laura to call them. They started to feel more and more comfortable around Laura and they built up a very trustful relationship and felt very comfortable around Laura. The couple have got three baby ravens now.

One of the favourite photos Laura has of George is him on a tree stump and eating in the rain. She really liked his pose in that photo and also wanted to keep the feeling of rain like a symbol of washing out all the dark myths about ravens. We also added a bit of sun shining through the rain to bring some lightness. I slightly exaggerated the colours to make it a bit bolder.

Laura was very pleased with the painting and she gave me a wonderful review:

Irisha has been an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Her attention to detail and professionalism is top class. The entire process was absolutely seamless, and she stays in contact with you giving regular updates. And when the painting arrived, I can honestly say it is 100% perfect. Much better than I could ever have hoped for. I would not hesitate to recommend this artist to anybody. A truly talented lady with fantastic customer service. Thank you so very much!


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