In loving memory of a wonderful dog Bobby

This portrait was commissioned by Ann-Marie. Her beautiful Bichon Frise ‘Bobby’ sadly went over the Rainbow Bridge. Bobby was the love of her life, so Anne-Marie and family wanted something very special to remind them of him and happier times.

“Bobby’s best bits were… His beautiful big dark eyes – that looked right into you. His lovely black nose and little black lips. His lovely ‘Bichon plume’ tail and his lovely bright white coat!”


With his black eyes and fluffy white coat, the Bichon looks almost like a child’s toy. But it doesn’t take long to realize that the Bichon can be your happiest and most enthusiastic companion. A cheerful and small dog with lots of love to give. He is always happy, affectionate and gentle.

We were heartbroken when our beautiful boy, Bobby went over the Rainbow Bridge. Whilst we had lots of photographs, we really wanted a portrait of him and so decided to commission one. We spent a week researching all the animal portrait artists in the UK and scrutinising their work. We then chose Irina of Irisha’s Pet Portraits as we were really impressed with all her work.

Irina was very kind and caring and made the whole process really smooth and straightforward. We sent her several photographs and she helped us to decide which would be the best one. Communication was excellent and Irina kept us updated at each stage of the portrait painting. 

When Bobby’s framed portrait arrived, we were absolutely blown away. It surpassed our expectations and is absolutely superb. It made us very emotional, as Irina has captured our beautiful boy perfectly and the detail is phenomenal. 

We would highly recommend Irina if you are looking for someone to paint a portrait of your precious pet.

Bless little Bobby and his soul. It is incredibly sad when our dearly loved pets leave us but, life is life, and our beloved pets are coming and going. The main thing that matters is the feeling which we keep in our heart, the feeling of happiness our pets brought into our lives and the happy lives they spent with us – this is what matters.

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