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Laddie is a gorgeous Japanese Spitz. He is a very happy and curious dog. And it was my pleasure to create a portrait of him.  The portrait of Laddie was commissioned by Hayden as a gift for his girlfriend. We had to go through quite a few photos to choose the right one for the

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Jack and Rosie, Whippet Painting

Jack and Rosie

Jack & Rosie – was commissioned as a special birthday gift for Bernie by his mum – Margaret. The portraits of Jack and Rosie are amazing! We felt we wanted to reach out and stroke them they are so realistic.  I’m sure you were able to sense how pleased Bernard was with it.Thank you so

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Tibetan Terriers Painting

Jackson and Rupert

Meet two best friends – Jackson and Rupert. They are both Tibetan terriers. Jackson, the sable one, is 15 months old and he is a sweet boy, always smiling and enthusiastic. Rupert, the black and white, is 9 months old, he is impulsive, mischievous, feisty and very affectionate. They’re both absolutely lovely and very happy

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In loving memory of a wonderful dog Bobby This portrait was commissioned by Ann-Marie. Her beautiful Bichon Frise ‘Bobby’ sadly went over the Rainbow Bridge. Bobby was the love of her life, so Anne-Marie and family wanted something very special to remind them of him and happier times. “Bobby’s best bits were… His beautiful big dark

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Broxi pet portrait

Meet Broxi

 Kind, affectionate and courageous dog  – English Bulldog. Sometimes could be a bit  stubborn but who isn’t? They are often thought of as a symbol of Britain and is one of its oldest native breeds. Bulldogs have a loyal and dependable nature. They are friendly and patient, which means they are well known as good family pets.

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Ruby Spaniel Painting


The portrait of lovely Ruby was commissioned by Mandy for her mum’s birthday. Ruby is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Mandy described her as a gentle, quite dog with lots of love to give. “I am pleased to tell you I have received the portrait, I am completely blown away by how you have captured Ruby just

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