Warm welcome to my new website

Border Collie Portraits

Welcome to my new pet portraits website! I’ve owned this domain name for about 10 years but did not really make the best use of it. This fresh design has been completed to try and help me showcase my work to a wider audience. I hope customers old and new like the new look. I look forward to providing you all artwork that does your loved pet or pets justice.

Irisha’s Pet Portraits – Likely Future Blogs

So as you no doubt can see, the new website has a blog section. This first blog post seems like a good time to give readers an idea of the sorts of articles I intend to write in the future. So in no particular order, future articles are likely to include:

  1. News articles about my life as a portrait artist. Hopefully these will be of interest to those customers who like to know a little more about the artist that they commission to paint their pet portraits.
  2. Articles showcasing recent work. These will be under the categories dog paintings, cat paintings and horse paintings. The articles will feature the original photo that I worked from as well as images of the work in progress all the way to completion.
  3. Other painting related articles. These might feature artists who inspire me, materials I use and other art industry related news.

What can you do to help?

The pet portraits world is a very competitive one. Getting the attention of pet owners who might be interested in a portrait is not easy. By visiting this website you have already helped me. You can help further by sharing my website with your friends on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. For those people who are not on social media you can even share my website address via a simple email.

Thanks again for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy looking at my work past, present and future.

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