Springer Spaniel Portraits

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The English Springer Spaniel is a very popular breed around the UK. I had the pleasure of painting few portraits of Springer Spaniels during my career as a professional pet artist.

What’s not to love about these amazing dogs! They are :

– Affectionate – Bad day at work? The English Springer will snuggle up to you and make it all better.

– Cheerful – He has quite the bubbly personality that could put a smile on anyone’s face.

– Alert – Chances are, on an average day, trouble is not on the way; but if it is, the English Springer will jump to attention.

– Intelligent – English Springers are very smart dogs, which makes them easier to train.

– Attentive – He pays attention when you need him to, which is also a valuable personality trait when it comes to training.

– Active – He’s not the kind of dog who wants to lounge in the sun all day. He’s an athlete who wants to run, run, run!

These two paintings of the Springer Spaniels I painted back in in 2010. The picture of the Springer Spaniel laying under the table had been commissioned by the gallery owner and the prints from this artwork become very popular.

In 2012 Archie & Carol commissioned a portrait of two beautiful Springer Spaniels Conker & Alfie.

I had to use 2 photographs to create 1 head & shoulders portrait. It happens a lot when I have to use two or more pictures to create one painting, particularly if there are more than 1 pet involved.

It is very rare when the photo of two or more pets coming up just the way we want it.

But in the painting World anything is possible to create a great pet portrait!

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