commission dog portrait uk

This portrait of Toby was painted like as a gift for Sarah.

Sadly Toby had left this world in the tragic and unfair circumstances. He was a wonderful and clever dog.

These are the words which Sarah shared on Facebook last year:


“My Toby, it’s been a year since the toughest time of my life, when you were taken from us. I do not and will never agree with the circumstances of how you left this world but I really wish that we could have had more time together. He was my pillow, my protector and who I would talk to when I needed to just let things out, I know he couldn’t understand my troubles when I would talk to him but he made me feel so much better like he was listening anyway. I know to some he may be “just a dog” but to me he was a best friend and a comforter. I miss him so much. I hope you are peaceful up there my baby. Love you forever ”

I really hope that the portrait of Toby will bring wonderful memories of this great dog, and best friend to Sarah and her family.

“When I first saw this painting of my beloved dog Toby, it brought tears to my eyes. Having to say goodbye to Toby before his time really did break my heart, though Irina really captivated his beautiful personality and so many happy memories in such a special way. Her attention to detail is incredible as I can really see Toby when I look at his eyes. I cannot stop staring at this picture and I could not recommend Irina enough for this beautiful painting. Thank you so much”

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