Portrait Of A West Highland White Terrier – Louie

dog portrait pastel
portrait of westie

Sweet Louie - Westie Portrait In Pastel

This portrait commission of lovely West Highland White Terrier was commissioned by Julie as a present for her husband’s birthday.

Louie is a very special dog and deeply loved by his family.

It was my great pleasure to create his portrait and I was very pleased to find out that Julie’s husband loves the custom portrait of their beloved westie. To create a special portrait artwork really means a lot to me. 

While working with pet portraits commissions I am making sure I ask my customers for feedback during the process. Sometimes even a little detail painted wrong could change the whole look. If any adjustments are required I always do my best to do them until my customer is happy. 

Most of the time I do not have an opportunity to meet the pet before painting custom portraits and the only things I have are the photo/s. When I paint a portrait from a photo, the best I can do is to copy it as precisely as I can but there is so much more to it and this is where I am relying on my customer’s opinions about it and following their guidance. 

West Highland White Terrier portrait is not the easiest one in general. And Julie was a great help to me by giving her feedback during creating the portrait. It was a great help and I am very pleased that Julie and her family were very happy with the final results.

commission dog portrait

Julie kindly shared a story about their lovely dog. “Our Louie is very special, he has spent much of his life in the vets or staying at the specialists, he has had cancer, which he recovered from, he now has heart disease, a liver complaint and bowel disease, which he has medication and a special diet, however last November he was diagnosed with westie lung, he collapsed, his lungs are scarring over which makes him very tired and breathless, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, it’s just time, every day is precious, he is such a little fighter, this is a gift for my husbands birthday, “

dog portrait pastel

I always pay great attention to details, so a good quality photo is very beneficial for me. When I can see clearly all the details, it helps me to create a more realistic, true to life pet portrait.

If you would like the name of your pet to be added to the custom pet portrait I am always happy to do so. I would say it is 50/50 the wish to add the pet’s name to the portrait. Sometimes people would like the portraits to be named and sometimes not.

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