Commissioning a Custom Pet Portrait – Steps and Considerations

commission custom pet portrait

Do you cherish your beloved pet and want to immortalize their charm on canvas or paper? The world of commissioning custom pet portraits offers a vast array of options to turn your furry friend into a work of art. However, navigating this artistic journey requires careful consideration. With countless offers and varying prices, how do you choose the right artist and ensure you get the masterpiece you desire? In this guide, we will walk you through the steps and things to consider when commissioning a custom pet portrait.

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1. Authenticity Matters

Before delving into the world of custom pet portraits, it’s crucial to distinguish between hand-painted original artwork and computer-generated imitations. While some options may appear tempting with their low prices, they often involve software manipulation of a provided photo, resulting in a digital imitation. If you’re seeking a unique, hand-painted piece, be prepared to invest in quality. Genuine artworks typically start in the hundreds, with prices influenced by factors such as size, composition, and materials.

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2. Choosing the Right Medium

Artists employ various mediums to create pet portraits, each with its own characteristics. Pastels are a popular choice for their ability to capture the softness of fur and create seamless transitions. Pastel portraits are also more cost-effective than oil paintings and are ready for display once framed, without the need for additional drying or varnishing time. However, pastel artwork should be protected behind glass to prevent damage.

While oil paintings offer unmatched depth and richness, they come at a higher price and involve a lengthier creation process due to drying time.

Acrylics, watercolours, and gouache are quicker-drying alternatives that offer their unique aesthetics.

To select the perfect medium for your custom pet portrait, explore various artist portfolios to discover which style resonates with you.

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3. Size and Composition

The size of your pet portrait plays a significant role in the level of detail it can capture. Smaller canvases may limit the artist’s ability to include intricate details, so consider the available wall space where you intend to display the artwork. Larger sizes accommodate more detailed compositions, making them ideal for capturing your pet’s unique characteristics.

Most pet portraits are head and shoulders compositions, but you have the creative freedom to explore different styles and settings. You can choose to incorporate your pet into a special scene or combine multiple photos to create a unique composition. Keep in mind that complex compositions require more time and effort, often resulting in higher costs.

4. Frame Selection

Framing is an essential aspect of presenting your pet portrait. Many artists offer a variety of frame styles and colours to complement your artwork. Some artists include framing as part of the package, while others provide unframed artwork. When considering framing, remember that it will increase the overall size of your piece. Discuss with the artist the recommended frame size to ensure it complements your chosen artwork.

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5. Additional Fees and Confirmations

When commissioning a pet portrait, it’s crucial to clarify all additional fees upfront to avoid surprises later. Confirm the final price with the artist, taking into account any customization options such as background choices or adding your pet’s name.

Don’t forget to discuss delivery fees, as shipping artwork can be costly. Additionally, inquire about framing costs if it’s not included in the initial quote. Clear communication ensures a smooth process and helps you budget accordingly.

6. The Importance of Quality Photos

The quality of the photos you provide to the artist is paramount in achieving a stunning pet portrait. High-resolution images with clear details will enable the artist to capture your pet’s essence accurately. Providing multiple photos can also be helpful, as it allows the artist to choose the most suitable reference.

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7. To Name or Not to Name

Deciding whether to add your pet’s name to the portrait is a personal choice. Head and shoulder portraits often feel more personal with the addition of a name. However, in more complex compositions, a name may not be necessary and could distract from the overall aesthetic. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether to include your pet’s name on the artwork.

In conclusion, commissioning a custom pet portrait is a heartfelt way to immortalize your furry companion. By choosing the right artist, medium, size, and composition, and by considering additional fees and photo quality, you can ensure a masterpiece that captures the spirit of your pet. Whether you opt for pastels, oils, or other mediums, your custom pet portrait will be a cherished work of art that celebrates your beloved companion for years to come.

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